Customized Clamps for Welding Table

Here is another older project I did before the hot summer weather started …


Custom Made Vice-Grip Type Clamps

Made my welding table with holes in the top to allow the vise to be bolted-down anywhere on the table.   The holes also allow me to mount items like the Table-Top Band Saw Mount as-well-as these customized Vise-Grip type clamps.


When welding items together it is very helpful to be able to clamp items in the center of the table as-well-as the sides of the table.  Therefore, I cut the ends off of several inexpensive ‘Swivel Pad’ vice-grip type clamps purchased from ‘Harbor-Freight Tools‘ and welded them to some scrap metal 1″ square tubing.


Used the same Threaded Rod purchased for mounting the portable band saw on the welding table to hold these customized metal clamps on the table top.

Used Left-Over 'All-Thread' and Scrap Metal to Make Custom Table Clamps

Used Left-Over ‘All-Thread’ and Scrap Metal to Make Custom Table Clamps

By stacking scrap metal blocks (with holes drilled in them) under the clamps, I can easily clamp items of different heights … Already had a project that required a full length 24″ Threaded Rod to hold a very tall item on the table.


Store a few of the Welding Clamps at the Back of My Welding Table

So far they have worked great … and I have lots of extra clamps when needed.



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