Gift-Card Design Updates $

Gift Card Updates Amount with Every Purchase

Gift Card Updates Amount with Every Purchase

Designed this new type of Gift-Card about a year ago that uses micro digital ink to update the $ amount left on the card after each purchase.

I think it would be helpful to know what is on each of my gift-cards by just turning it around and looking at it while at home… Have lots of old Starbucks Cards, Target Cards, Walmart Cards, etc… and I never seem to know how much is left on them went I find them in my wallet or drawer.

It uses digital ink similar to what is used in Kindle Digital reading books only it takes very little power to change the digital ink text on the back of the card… In fact, the static charge of swiping the card through the reader at the checkout stand will power the changing of the card amount to match what the reader says will be taken off the card.   Therefore, the data $ amount is still stored on an online server protecting against fraud just like normal gift-cards function today.


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