3DP Hard-Hat Cooling Mount

Concept of the 3DP Mount Created with SolidWorks CAD Software

This is why I like SolidWorks CAD Software & 3D-Printing!!!  ( 3DP )

Wanted an unusual shaped mount, so decided to quickly draw & 3D-Print it.

Part 1-of-2 for the Mount that fits inside my Hard-Hat

When visiting job-sites in Las Vegas many require everyone to where a hard hat.

Last year I put some ice packets inside my hard hat to see if I could create a cooling effect to make it more comfortable when visiting job-sites during those hot 110 degree sunny Nevada days.

Ice Packets Being Tested inside a Hard-Hat Purchased from Home Depot

Usually I am just there to get measurements of something I need to design for the project; unfortunately, sometimes it means standing in the hot sun for hours.

The Cooling Test worked, so this year decided to make a permanent mount …

Screen-Capture Showing the AFINIA 3D-Printers Software

Designed a 2-part mount using SolidWorks and 3D-Printed the 2 parts …

Printing Part 2 of 2 of the Hard-Hat 3PD Mount

Nice thing about 3DP is one can draw very complex shapes without having to worry about draft angles which would have to be considered if injection molded.

Just-for-fun I added a mounting area for a temperature sensor inside …

Finished Part 2-of-2 for the Hardhat Mount

Bolted the mount to the hard-hat and everything still is located 3/4″ above my head allowing the cool air to slowly drift down over my head during hot days.

Later I will test different sealed cooling ice packets with a temperature sensor.

Finished 3D-Printed Mount inside Hardhat

Just another fun 3D-Printing (3DP) Project 🙂

… CHEERS!!!  

.    .    .    .



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