3D Printed Band-Saw Fixture

My 3D-Printer is making me Lazy ( and I Love it )

Steel Channel Workshop Press

One can assume there are many ways to make angled steel washers, and probably even more places to buy several.

However, it was 10pm at night and I needed 32 Angled Washers in the morning and a way of making them.

As usual I looked to the 3D-Printer for a quick & easy solution.

Washers Angled on One Side and Flat on the Other

Luckily, years earlier, I didn’t listen to warnings from naysayers that said ABS filament 3D-Printers were just toys and could not make usable parts… because my workshop is full of ‘usable’ 3D printed parts.

Sometimes the simple items are the most helpful …

Post about: 3D-Printed MT-3 ABS Inserts

.STL files for 3D Printing items can be found on GrabCAD.com

3D-Printed MT-3 Shelf Inserts CAD Files

3D Printed Shelf Inserts for MT-3 Tooling


3D-Printed Knob to Open/Close Hydraulic Bottle Jack Valve

3D-Printed Open/Close Knob for Hydraulic Bottle Jack


3D Printed Hole Measurement Inserts

3D-Printed Threaded Measuring Inserts


3D Printed Drill Bit Holder

3D-Printed Drill Bit Holder for the Side of the Drill Press


Tabletop Drill Bit Stand

3D-Printed Tabletop Drill Bit Holder


Pipe Curve Scribe Guide

3D-Printed Pipe Curve Scribe Guide


3D-Printed Angle Washer Band-Saw Fixture

3D-Printed Band Saw Fixture for Cutting Angled Washers


Long story short – I designed a fixture to fit inside the clamp on my metal band-saw to cut angled washers.

3D Printing the two parts for the Band-saw Fixture

In the morning, my plan was to bolt together a project made from steel Channel with inner sides that have an approximate 9 degree angle.

Angle Washers on Channel Bolts

When cutting several holes in the sides of the channel I ended up with a few ready-made angled washer plugs and bored them out with the metal lathe to fit 3/8″ bolts … However, I needed a lot more angled washers.

Angled Slugs Create when Cutting 1″ holes with a Hole Saw

Looking at the Hole-Saw slugs gave me the idea of creating more angled washers.

Boring 3/8″ Holes in the 3/4″ Rod on Metal Lathe

I used 3/4″ mild steel rod and bored 3/8″ holes in each end of the rod …

3D Printed Angle Cutting Fixture and 3/4″ Metal Rod on Band Saw

The plan was to cut angled (9 degree) cuts on each end and then cut another set of straight cuts on each end to create washers …

Metal Rod in 3D Printed Band Saw Fixture

Was not sure if the 3D Printed ABS would hold the rod tight enough in the band saw’s clamp, so I put some vise-grip pliers on the other end of the rod to keep it from spinning …

Overhead View of the Band Saw Cutting the Angled Washer

The 3D Printed ABS split fixture more than held the rod tight enough …

Angled Washer after it was cut off Rod

Every cut creates an Angled Washer from the 3/4″ round stock …

Overhead View of the Band Saw Ready to make the Straight Cut

Outer edge starts out straight … then the first cut creates the 9 degree side of the angled washer … then rod flipped around …

Band Saw Cutting the Straight Cut Side of Washer

After both ends are cut angled, then the 3D Printed fixture is removed for the straight cuts.  Many Washers can be made switching back and forth from Straight to Angled Cuts

Switching back and forth from Straight to Angled Cuts

Process continued until I had enough angled washers to complete my project.

Another View of the Fixture holding the Rod after the Angled Cuts

It worked great!!

Once again ~ Sometimes the simple items are the most helpful.

Finished Angled Washers for Bolting items to the Channel

While I felt a bit lazy starting a 3D-Print and then going to bed to wake up the next morning with a finished part – I am quickly getting over the guilt. 😉

BTW ~ The reason the Workshop Press looks so unusual is because the parts store together as a Press, however, it can transform into 3 additional workshop tools … Sheet Metal bending Press Brake, a Pipe Bender, and a Hoist.

CHEERS!! . . . CHARLES MARLIN ( @MetalDesigner )


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