3D Printed BBQ Door Hinges

We have the best neighbors and like to exchange help on household projects.

Our Neighbor’s Finished BBQ Area Project

We needed some concrete work done on our pool & wall, and our neighbor was building a backyard BBQ area and needed Stainless Steel Doors.
( He owns a Custom Concrete & Stone Business )

BBQ Area BEFORE Stone was Added to Cover Concrete Block Structure

He showed me the concrete block BBQ structure so I could measure the openings that required two single doors and one set of double doors.

Small Opening that Needed a Stainless Steel Door

The plan was to cover the BBQ concrete block with Stone approximately 1.5″ thick; therefore, I needed to come up with a design to hold the Stainless Steel doors out far enough to match the thickness of the stone.

Outer Covering of Stone Being Installed

Decided to use stainless angle to create frames and use 3DP for hinge parts …

SolidWorks CAD Model for One of the Stainless Steel Door Units

Created the BBQ Door designs using SolidWorks CAD Software …

Testing in SolidWorks How Much the Door Would be Able to Open

Matched the top of the handles the same distance from the top of doors …

All 4 of the Stainless Steel Doors I Designed for My Neighbor’s BBQ Area

Once I had the doors figured out … Made a quick BBQ area concept drawing.

Made a SolidWorks CAD Concept Drawing of the BBQ Area

Showed the BBQ area concept designs to our neighbor and he liked them …

Next step was to refine the Sheet Metal bends and hole locations using the ‘Sheet Metal’ feature which is included with SolidWorks CAD Software.

Stainless Door Drawn with SolidWorks Sheet Metal Feature

Created Sheet Metal Flat-Patterns to make sure the Stainless Steel Fabrication shop would be able to Cut the doors with a CNC Laser or shear.

The SolidWorks Sheet Metal Flat-Pattern Used to Create the .DXF file

After the designs were given to McClure Stainless – Metal Fabricators in Las Vegas – I was then able to concentrate on the 3DP Hinge units.

Transparent View Showing the 3D-Printed Hinge Concept

Came up with a design that used a combination of 3D Printed ABS and Stainless Steel fasteners ( Nuts, Bolts, Screws ) …

Top Section View showing the Hinge Pin Unit and the Stainless Door

The BBQ unit required a 1/8″ gap around the doors for air flow, so I used a pin hinge and was able to test the turning diameter in SolidWorks.

Testing the Door’s Edge Opening Clearance inside the Frame

I knew the door’s sheet metal bend radius when received the finished Stainless doors from McClure Stainless, so adjusted my SolidWorks bends to match the bend radius of McClure’s press brake’s tooling.

BTW ~ McClure Stainless, LLC made the doors very fast & great workmanship!!

Top View Showing the Maximum Opening Angle of the Door in Frame

Was also able to test the maximum angle the doors could be opened.

3D Printed Hinge Pin Mount Parts and Lathe Screw Cutting Fixture

Part of the Hinge Pin design required turning (cutting) off some of the thread on a stainless fastener to create the hinge pin end.

Making a Hinge Pin from a Stainless Steel Screw on My Metal Lathe

Made a quick fixture to hold the stainless screws in my Metal Lathe’s jaws.

Brenda Picked Out Door Handles to Match the BBQ’s Curved Handle

Purchased the Door handles from LOWES to match the BBQ’s main handle.

3D Printed Hole Drilling Guides for Door Edges

Decide it would be faster & easier to drill the holes myself, and I wanted all the doors to have the same hole locations, so I 3D-Printed a punch guide for marking where to drill the holes in the bottom and top of the doors.

3D Printed Handle Screw Spacers to Adjust for Thin Sheet Metal

The handles purchased from LOWES were designed for thicker wood, so I 3D-Printed spacers for inside the doors to allow the screws to compress against the 0.050″ thick stainless steel sheet metal.

SolidWorks Screen-Capture Showing Magnetic Door Catch Design

Also 3D Printed mounts to hold Ferritic Stainless Steel washers used in combination with Rare Earth Magnets pressed into 3D printed door catches screwed to the outer door frames.

3D-Printed Hinge Pin Mount Hidden Inside the Door

Mounted the hinge pin units after I finished drilling all the holes …

Stainless Screw Hinge Pin in BBQ Door

I made the holes slightly larger than the hinge pin in case I needed to re-3D Print the inner mounts to adjust door alignment inside the frames.

3D Printed Spacers on Top and Bottom of Doors

Came up with an Upper & Lower spacer design that provided maximum coverage but also can not be viewed when door is opened and closed.

3D Printer Software Showing a Multi-Print of 16 Spacers

When 3D Printing little parts I like to print them in large groups to allow the filament to cool on each part before starting the next print layer.

It took over an hour to 3D Print the 16 spacers; however, once started I could work on other items out in the workshop during that time.

Notes to Myself So I Would Not Drill Holes in the Wrong Location

Still use paper drawings in my workshop, but find I am using digital .PDF drawings and eDrawings on the iPad more and more as time goes on.

Using Paper Drawings as well as eDrawings Viewed on My iPad in Shop

Used the Miller Dynasty TIG welding machine in my workshop to make the door frames from 1.5″ x 0.125″ Stainless Steel angle …

Stainless Steel Door Frames Ready to be Mounted onto Concrete Blocks

Drilled lots of extra holes in the Stainless Steel door frames to allow for good anchor bolt/screw mounting locations on the concrete block.

Stainless Steel BBQ Door Frames

After the door frames were in place our neighbor finished the stonework …

View of the Finished Stainless Steel Doors Installed in BBQ Area

Neighbor very pleased with the results & I feel the doors look nice with stone.

Another View of the Neighbor’s New BBQ Area

In the photo below you can see one of the magnetic Ferritic Stainless catches.

Noticed I Forgot to Wipe off Finger Smudges Before Taking Photos

Below is one of the 3DP Hinge Pin Units with the Top Cover removed.

3D Printed Hinge Mount Combined with Stainless Steel Fasteners

As a bonus I got to be part of the first BBQ Cooking test!! 😜  Yum!!

Additional View of the Stainless Door Under the Patio Sink

As with many of my 3D Printing projects the CAD files are on GrabCAD.com

Click on Image to View the CAD & .STL Files on GrabCAD.com

Also made a quick SolidWorks Tutorial Video showing how I used the ‘Mirror’ part feature to create mirror-image ‘clones’ of the 3D Printed (ABS) Hinge Pin part inserted into the top & bottom of the Stainless Steel BBQ doors.

SolidWorks Tutorial Video Showing How to Create a Mirror Image Part

Now that I know the 3D Printed ABS Hinge Pin units work with the Stainless BBQ doors,  I will probably reprint them in metal at a later date just for the fun of it.

CHEERS!!      Charles Marlin ( @MetalDesigner )

.    .    .    .



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