3DP Drywall Hole Repair

SolidWorks CAD Software Concept of a Drywall Patch

Many ways to do the same thing … and 3D-Printing added another way to patch a drywall hole left over after removing a Flat-Screen TV.

Removed an Old Flat-Screen TV from a Wall Exposing a Hole

In the past, I have patched many holes in walls using a plug cut from old drywall or purchased patching material from a hardware store.

Hole in the Wall after a Flat-Screen TV was Removed

Didn’t have any old leftover drywall material to patch the wall, so decided to draw up a 3D-Printed patch while I was relaxing watching TV in the evening.

So this is basically just for fun to see if I could create a patch with 3DP

Transparent View 3D-Printed Drywall Patch

The hole was 1.42″ in diameter where the Flat-Screen TV’s cords went through the wall to another room, so used SolidWorks CAD software to design a 3DP solution using Stainless Steel finishing nails.

Penny Taped Next to the Hole to Give Size Scale

Once the design was finished I 3D-Printed the two wall hole plug parts …

3D-Printed the Drywall Patch in 2 Parts

Tapped No.6-32 Threads in the outer plug’s holes for attaching inner plug …

Threaded Holes in the Outer Patch Part to Connect Inner 3DP Part

Tested No.6 screws to connect the two 3D-Printed Plug parts and all fit well.

Parts Used to Make the 3D-Printed Drywall Patch

Next tested placing in 1 nail at a time in the center of the plug and pushing them out as they would go into the sheet rock to secure the plug.

Used Stainless Steel Finishing Nails as the Locking Mechanism

The 3DP Wall Hole Plug can be mounted with 3 nails or 6 nails …

The 3DP Patch Locks Using 3 Nails but also can use as many as 6 Nails

Everything worked in the tests so next step was secure it inside the hole …

Supplies for Patching the Wall with Drywall Spackling

Rosie-Cat my SolidWorks Co-Designer fell asleep on the job so was on my own, luckily BKE said she would patch the hole if I would prep the wall.

My Co-Worker Rosie the Cat Sleeping on the Job

Just in case, I attached a string to a long screw in the hole plug so it would not fall inside the wall if I pushed it too far, but the fit was tight and it held very well in place about 0.05″ in from the wall to allow space for spackling the area several times for good coverage.

Attached a string to the 3DP Drywall Plug in case it fell inside the wall

Used all six of the 1″ stainless steel finishing nails about 1/2″ into the drywall.

The Design Allows for One Nail to be Pressed into Drywall at a Time

I could have pressed the nails up to 3/4″ into the drywall but 1/2″ in seemed to secure the plug very well and no need to go deeper and risk drywall cracking.

3D-Printed Patch in the Wall Ready to Have the Inner Plug Part Attached

Screwed on the inner rough finish 3DP part and everything fit well.

Randomly added a lot of Holes & Texture to the 3D-Printed Patch

With my part finished, BKE took over prepping the wall and finished it.

Spackle goes on Pink and turns White when it is Dry

The area will be sanded, textured, repainted, and artwork put on the wall.

3D-Printed Patch and Other Holes Covered with Drywall Spackle

When the artwork is mounted, I will update this post with a photo of it.

The Wall Area after being Patched, Textured, and Painted

The SolidWorks CAD files can be viewed on GrabCAD

3D-Printed Drywall Hole Plug

Click on Image to View CAD Files on GrabCAD.com

Many other ways to do this, but 3D-Printing made it a fun project. 🙂

… CHEERS!!  

.    .    .    .



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