3D Printed Chocolate Candy Molds

SolidWorks CAD Example of a SafeKids Chocolate Mold Shape

Just for fun several years ago, I showed Carma ( The Coordinator for SafeKids in Grand Forks, North Dakota ) how I could use their 2-Dimensional Logo and turn it into a 3D CAD model that could be 3D-Printed.

The SafeKids 2-D Logo I Turned into a 3-Dimensional Logo for 3D-Printing

Today, I am waiting on some parts to be delivered and decided to use the time to work on some 3D-Printed Chocolate Mold shapes for some friends of mine.

Randi and Carma’s wonderful daughter is getting married to about the coolest guy you’ll ever meet, and they asked if I could take some of their wedding designs and make them into 3-Dimensional CAD models that could be 3D-printed into shapes to make flexible food-grade silicon rubber chocolate molds.

Windsor and Matt the Groom to Be

The wedding chocolate designs are super secret until the wedding, but I thought this would be a good time to show the Chocolate Designs we made for the SafeKids Grand Forks 25th Anniversary Charity Event.

3D-Printed Candy Mold Designs I Made Years Ago

In a previous post, many years ago, I mentioned using 3D-Printing to make Candy molds:  ( Click Link to View Post )
3D-Printing & Plastic Part Molds – July 2013

3D-Printed Candy & Chocolate Silicone Rubber Mold Ideas

There is a helpful website if you wish to learn more about making Silicon Molds:

One of the Many Websites that Show How to Make Silicon Molds

2-Dimensional SafeKids Logo Designed by Correen for the 25th Year Event

Last year Carma (Mother of the Bride) asked if I would convert a 2-Dimensional SafeKids logo designed by Graphics Designer Correen into a CAD file for making 3D-Printed shapes to use for making chocolate molds for a charity event.

We also made chocolates for some of the event’s sponsors …

Several Different SafeKids SolidWorks Concept Chocolate Design Options

I sent several designs to Carma to review and she decided on the final design.

We Did the Entire Design Project 1600 Miles Between Locations

The process of making 3DP shapes for Candy molds is similar to making mold shapes for metal casting because one has to make sure there are draft angles allowing items to be pulled out of the molds after they cool.

For Candy & Chocolate molds non-toxic safe Food-Grade flexible silicon rubber is used ~ For Metal the 3D-Printed Shapes are pressed into Sand to create hollow areas to pour in molten metal.

Metal Casting with 3D Printed Sand Mold Shapes

To see some metal casting molds I made with SuperDave, click on this Link:

We Used SolidWorks Photo-Realistic Renderings to Choose Best Design

I emailed Carma SolidWorks renderings for her to view, and she would suggest design & size changes until we had a final design.

We Finished the Final Designs Several Months Before the Event

After SolidWorks CAD designs were done, I sent them to the 3D-Printing company Shapeways.com to be 3D-Printed.

SafeKids Logo 3D-Printed in High Res by Shapeways.com

I have a 3D-Printer; however, these 3D-printed mold shapes needed to be high-resolution so I sent the .STL 3DP files to Shapeways because they have very expensive 3D-Printers that can print extremely smooth parts.

One of the SafeKids Logo Shapes Used to Make Food Grade Silicon Molds

As usual, Shapeways.com did an outstanding job!!

3D Printed Chocolate Mold Shapes from Shapeways

Once the 3D-Printed shapes were done I tested some Food Grade Silicon and decided that I am not the person to be using sticky items and sent everything to Carma up in North Dakota to make the Silicone Rubber molds.

One of the Many Kits for Making Food Grade Silicone Rubber Molds

Carma, and the folks that helped her up in North Dakota, did a much better job than I could have ever done making the Food-Grade Silicon Chocolate molds.

SolidWorks Rendering to Show How the Chocolates Would Look

I’m not sure of the whole story, but as the event got closer there was an emergency Carma had to work on and her mother (Judy) stepped in saving the day by making hundreds of Chocolates using the silicon rubber molds.

Thank You Judy!!!

Page from the SafeKids 2017 Newsletter

WELL DONE  SAFEKIDS Volunteers!! 🙂

It was fun being a small part of the Event to help SafeKids!!

… CHEERS!!   Charles (@MetalDesigner)

.    .    .    .







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