3D Printed ARLO Camera Mount

SolidWorks Transparent-View ARLO Camera Mount

Added some extra NETGEAR ARLO Security Cameras inside the house …

Link for ARLO Cameras: https://www.arlo.com/en-us/

ARLO 3D Printed Camera Wall Mount

Needed a camera in an unusual location, so decide to 3D-Print a Mount …

ARLO Camera Mount created with SolidWorks CAD Software

Made the ARLO mount with an Adjustable Angle Ball inside 3DP Clamps …

ARLO 3D Printed Camera Mount Parts Printed on the AFINIA 3D Printer

Started the 3D-Printer, had supper, and when done eating the parts were done.

Tools & Parts to Mount the Netgear ARLO Security Camera

Metal parts: Two No. 8 Screws & Nuts, 1/4″ bolt/nut & two 2″ Deck Screws …

SolidWorks Rendering of ARLO Security Camera 3D-Printed Parts

The older Logitech Security Cameras we use have been phased out, so decided to start using these NETGEAR ARLO security cameras to watch the house and keep track of 17 year old Rosie-Cat when not at home.

Click on Image to View NETGEAR ARLO Security Camera Website

The Camera is easy to adjust and screws lock it tight with the correct view.

ARLO Security Camera 3D-Printed Wall Mount

While installing the ARLO camera Rosie-Cat informed me there were little ants coming in the house which usually happens in the spring and in late summer.

Put out the 3D-Printed (Borax & Honey) Ant Bait Box each time …  They will take the Borax back to the nest and they will be gone in 24 hours … and we not see them again for several months.  Yay!! 🙂

Link for:  3D-Printed Borax & Honey Ant Bait Box

Getting rid of the August 2017 ants with Borax & Honey Ant Bait Box

UPDATE: 24 Hours Later All Ants GONE!! … Works every time!!!

OK … Back to the ARLO Mounts… 🙂

Put the .STL 3D-Printing files for the ARLO Mount on GrabCAD.com


.STL Files for 3D-Printing Can be found on GrabCAD.com

… CHEERS!!  

Charles Marlin  @MetalDesigner

.    .    .    .



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